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Hotel features

/ Hotel features

Brand Concept A hotel that never stops evolving

Certified by Guinness World Records as the first hotel with working robots.
"Henn na Hotel" offers a comfortable stay by incorporating various cutting-edge technologies.
Our unconventional hotel promises to keep evolving to cater to different needs and times.

Henn na Hotel
Tokyo Ginza
Enjoy a luxurious stay with Ginza-quality standards that provide warm customer service and hospitality made possible by a team of humans and robots. The hotel is in a convenient location within walking distance of attractions such as the Tsukiji Market and Kabuki-za Theater, perfect for business or sightseeing.
Close to central Ginza and the popular tourist spot, Tsukiji Close to central Ginza and the popular tourist spot, Tsukiji
Exciting customer service by robots! Exciting customer service by robots!
With the garment cleaning machine LGStyler in all rooms With the garment cleaning machine "LGStyler" in all rooms

Robots of the Henna Hotel Tokyo Ginza


All rooms are equipped with a cleaning machineLGstyler

< Revive garments >
Freshen up garments from odors and wrinkles. TrueSteam™ technology works to maintain a stable temperature within the cabinet, using steam from a generator to remove wrinkles and unwanted odors from garments. Smooth out wrinkles on pants while maintaining creases by using the attached pants hanger and crease care gadget on the door. *The machine supports pants sizes up to widths of 96 cm and lengths of 110 cm.
What is the LGStyler?
Enjoy a smart stay! Cutting-edge technology robots

Enjoy a smart stay!Cutting-edge technology robots

All rooms are equipped with the much-talked about "LGStyler" and the free rental smartphone "handy." The hotel also features the AI room remote control "iRemocon," which links to smartphones, and guests are provided with advanced devices for an exciting and comfortable stay.
A smart remote controller that links with smartphones to monitor the room for a comfortable stay
A robot concierge with a variety of facial expressions that provides hotel and tourist information
Chromecast allows the user to enjoy smartphone and other internet content on the television screen.
A free rental smartphone with unlimited voice and data service! View recommended tourist information on the Ginza area, such as dining, shopping and other activities!
Virtual Reality

We adopt well-behaved pillows developed for hotels in all rooms

Virtual Reality SAMSUNG GEAR VR

LOFTY Sleepy pillow

LOFTY Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells custom made pillows,
Utilizing measurement data obtained by tailor-made technology for each person's head and neck
We have introduced pillow "2WAY pillow" developed for hotels to all rooms.

Neck support structure (5 units) to maintain the ideal sleeping position
We deliver comfortable sleep to anyone with a two-layer structure that allows you to choose two feels on the front and back.


Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza
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