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Can reservations be made by email or by telephone?
We ask that reservations by telephone be made to the Henn na Hotel Customer Center (050-5894-3771). Unfortunately, we do not offer email reservations.
Can reservations be changed or cancelled by email or telephone?
Unfortunately, reservations cannot be changed or cancelled by email or telephone.
For online reservations, please take the necessary procedures on the reservation web page. We apologize for the inconvenience.
For reservations made through the Customer Center, please contact the Customer Center.
From when are cancellation fees incurred?
For reservations of 10 guests or less, cancellation fees are incurred from the day before the scheduled check-in. Guests will be charged 20% for cancellations on the day before a scheduled check-in and 100% for same-day cancellations or no notification on check-in day.
For reservations of 11 to 99 guests, cancellation fees will incur from 20 days before the scheduled check-in. Please refer to this page (Attached Table No.2) for details on cancellation fees.
Is it possible to check in after midnight?
Yes. However, the Hotel entrance will be locked after midnight, so we ask that you ring the intercom on the side (outside area) of the entrance at arrival.
How many rooms can be booked with one reservation?
A maximum of four rooms can be booked with one reservation. A reservation for five or more rooms will be a "group reservation." Please inquire to the Customer Center for a group reservation.
I would like to confirm the details of my reservation. How can I do this?
For reservations made via the Henn na Hotel Customer Center, confirmation can be made at the Customer Center. Online confirmation can be made by accessing the official webpage's "Confirm/Change/Cancel reservation" section within the "Accommodation reservation" page, or by confirming from the "Accommodation reservation confirmation email."
For reservations made on websites other than the official webpage, please ask at the website at which the reservation was made.
Up to what point can reservations be changed on the official webpage?
Although changes can be made until 23:59 on the day before check-in, changes in guest numbers and rooms may not be possible, depending on room vacancies.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. However, for security reasons, only cards with IC chips and configured code numbers (PINs) are accepted at the hotel.
*We regret to say that other cards and UnionPay cards are not accepted at the robot reception.
*AMEX cards will need a code number applied beforehand.


Is parking available?
Please refer to the Access page.
Are there any pick-up services from the nearest station?
Please refer to the Access page.
What time is check-in and check-out? (Is late check-out available?)
Check-in starts from 15:00 and check-out ends at 11:00.
Extra fees will be charged for room use after check-out time.
It will be 1,500 yen (excluding tax) for each hour between 11:00 and 13:00. Use after 13:00 is available only when there are vacancies, and the guests will be fully charged for the room.
Is luggage storage available before check-in and after check-out?
Yes. However, please note that storage is only available when there is space to accommodate luggage.
Are minors permitted to stay at the hotel by themselves?
A letter of consent from a parent or legal guardian is necessary for a minor under 18 years old to stay without an adult.
*We ask that parents or legal guardians accompany minors under 15 years old when they stay at the Hotel.

Please send the documents beforehand by FAX(03-3547-2501), mail or as an email attachment.
We ask that email attachments are sent to the Hotel email address (
〒104-0045 2-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (guests pay for postage/communication fees. We apologize for the inconvenience.)
*If confirmation by a letter of consent cannot be made, we may not allow the minor to stay at the Hotel.
*If parental/guardian consent cannot be confirmed by the Hotel at check-in time, actions such as telephone confirmation will be made at that time,
 and we will ask for a letter of consent from a parent or guardian via FAX or mail on a later date.

Download the letter of consent here
Bedsharing information.
There will be no accommodation fees for children five years old or younger if they share a bed with an adult.
The Hotel designates the maximum capacity for each room, including bed-sharing children, as shown below:

・Double: Two adults + one bed-sharing child five years old or younger
・Twin: Two adults + two bed-sharing children five years old or younger
・Semi-double: One adult + one bed-sharing child five years old or younger
・Deluxe twin: Three adults + two bed-sharing children five years old or younger

Please note that we cannot accommodate guests more than the room capacity.
Bed-sharing children will not receive items such as amenities, towels, and pillows.
Can the restaurant be used on the same day?
Yes. However, the restaurant is only open for breakfast (06:30 to 10:00), and it offers sandwiches to go and to be enjoyed in guest rooms. The restaurant can also be used as a meeting area.
I have a short stay reservation--may I check in before the designated time of 18:00?
No, this is not allowed.
Can scheduled check-in times be moved earlier?
Yes. There is no need to notify us for check-in times at 23:59 or earlier. Please notify the Hotel for check-in times after midnight.
Are there any baby beds or bed guards available?
The Hotel offers bed guards free of charge. Please ask reception for assistance.
May I leave unwanted items at the hotel?
We ask that you only leave unwanted items that you have acquired during your stay at the hotel and do not leave items that are categorized as large-sized articles, such as suitcases (items with a side length over 30 centimeters). Any fees that are incurred for the disposal of large-sized articles will be paid by the guest.
Is it possible for a large motor coach to park at the hotel entrance?
No, this is not allowed.

About the building and rooms

Are there wheelchair-accessible rooms?
The Hotel has a limited number of universal access rooms. Please ask at the Customer Center (050-5894-3771) for information.
Are there no-smoking rooms? Are there rooms that allow smoking?
All rooms are no smoking.
What is the "LGStyler" cleaning machine that is in all rooms?
This is a closet-type home garment cleaning machine.
Official webpage
What is the "handy" smartphone that is in all rooms?
It is an in-room amenity that offers unlimited internet access, along with domestic and international calls (to six countries).
Content on tourist destinations is also offered. Official webpage→
Are the bathroom and toilet separate rooms?
Bath and toilet are in an integrated module.
What is the maximum guest capacity for rooms?
Two guests for double rooms, two guests for twin rooms, and three guests for deluxe rooms. One child is allowed to share a bed in addition to these.
Is it possible to book rooms next to each other when reserving multiple rooms?
We will take note of requests, but please note that we may not be able to comply to all requests, depending on room vacancies.
How large are the beds?
140 cm for single rooms, 160 cm for double rooms, 90 cm for twin rooms, two 90 cm beds and one extra bed (90 cm) for deluxe rooms.
How many card keys do guests receive?
One card key will be issued to each room.
Is there Wi-Fi service?
There is free Wi-Fi service in the guest rooms and lobby.
Are there any rental baby strollers?
No, we do not have any baby strollers.
Are there any ice machines?
There is an ice machine on the 1st floor.
Are there any vending machines?
There are vending machines (for soft drinks and coffee in cups) on the 1st floor.
Is there a laundromat within the facilities?
Yes, there is (fees additional).
・One wash→300yen
・10-minute dry→100yen
Are pets allowed to stay in the hotel?
No, pets are not allowed.
What type of gown is available for guests?
"Dressing gowns with a thin fabric and a length of 120 cm are available (for use only in guest rooms)
*All gowns are for adults. There are no Hotel gowns for children."

The Hotel's services and facilities

Are there any human staff at the hotel? If a guest becomes ill during their stay, will the robots take care him/her?
There are human hotel staff on the premises 24 hours a day. Human staff will aid guests in emergencies.
Because the Hotel is run by robots, how does it conduct security measures?
The Hotel has security cameras operating 24 hours a day.
The Hotel is locked at night and non-guests are not permitted to enter the premises.
Furthermore, room card keys are needed to use the elevators to access the rooms.
Is there internet access in the facilities?
Free Wi-Fi is available in guest rooms and in the lobby.
Is room service available? (Such as delivering birthday cakes, etc.?)
No, there are no such service available.
Is it possible to send suitcases and other luggage to the Hotel beforehand?
Yes, it is possible, but please observe the following rules:
■Sending luggage: Only [prepaid] luggage will be accepted. Luggage sent as payment on arrival will not be accepted. (We also do not offer any temporary payment services.)
■Arrival date: Please designate the arrival date of the luggage to be the day before your stay or the day of your stay.
When sending luggage, please write the 'date of accommodation' and the 'name of guest of the reservation.'
■Caution: Please note that the following items will not be accepted: Valuable goods, fragile goods, electronic appliances, perishables, hazardous articles, foul-smelling articles, and other luggage or articles that the hotel deems unacceptable.
In this case, the delivery/return fees will be paid for by the guest (such as payment on arrival).
I would like a pamphlet of the hotel.
Please download our pamphlet here. At the moment, we are not able to mail pamphlets.
Is luggage storage available before check-in and after check-out?
Yes. However, please note that storage is only available when there is space to accommodate luggage.
Are there any delivery services?
Yes. Please ask the Hotel reception for assistance.
Is there a hotel concierge?
No, there is no such service available.
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